MJEP’s “Be A Better Baller” Training Program

To reach your true potential as a student-athlete, you need to learn from those who have experienced that kind of success.

The MJEP’s “Be a Better Baller” training program, led by Marion Jones, a former high school California Division I Player of the Year, All-American selection while at the University of North Carolina and WNBA player, offers the type of encouraging and competitive learning environment needed for any player to maximize her ability.

A basketball training program designed to increase overall basketball skills and fundamentals. Learn to become the fiercest competitor on the court and learn strategies to take your game to the next level. While we welcome all to these training sessions, we do ask that the participants have some of these common characteristics: Commitment, Self-Discipline, Passion, Dedication.

Highlights of our “Be a Better Baller” classes:

  • Time of class: 60 minutes
  • Age group: Boys and Girls ages 5-17
  • Price: $200 for 6 sessions
  • Drop in rate: $40 per class

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