MJEP’s “CSC”-Community Service Component

Community service develops a sense of community, especially for young people who may not often see how the other half lives. MJEP’s CSC program is an opportunity to see how others live and to appreciate how much you do have. It also gives young people the skills they need to become leaders in their communities. The goal is to help children learn to volunteer from an early age, offering meaningful service opportunities that match your child’s interests and abilities. Several times a month MJEP’s “CSC” will volunteer at different organizations throughout Austin. We will do it this as group and share about our experiences afterwards.

Highlights of our “CSC”

  • Calendar of the volunteer opportunities will be posted in the online calendar
  • Sign up early to ensure your child’s spot. Space is limited.
  • Free to all
  • Be prepared to drive your child to the volunteer opportunity. We will do our best to try and secure opportunities in N. Austin and surrounding communities.

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