This is a “girls only” class. The idea was born out of the desire to help girls make the connection between their current lifestyle habits and their energy levels, physical fitness, school performance, weight and health issues. Too many girls

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are dissatisfied with their bodies, energy level, grades, and general health. In addition, some girls experience extreme mood swings and emotional ups and downs during their teenage years because of their low self-esteem. And, this program is designed to help them deal with all the changes that are going on during this important time of their lives.

Fitness activities are the focus of the class and include a variety of exercises, such as pilates, group weight training, individual weight training, resistance bands, fitness balls, core workouts, fitness frenzy workouts, and other fun fitness activities. Each class will have a 10-20 minute interactive “self –esteem booster” session in which we will discuss nutrition and fitness basics along with other topics of interest that will help to empower them to do the best that they can, whatever they may be facing.

Highlights of our “GIRLS CAN RULE THE WORLD” classes:

  • 6 week sessions (meets one time per week)
  • Time of class: 60 minutes
  • Age group: *Girls* between the ages of 9-15
  • Price: $200 for the entire 6 week session
  • Drop in rate: $40 per class

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