During teenage years, many kids who used to be bundles of nonstop energy might lose interest in doing any physical activities. Between school, hanging out with friends, studying, and even some having part time jobs, responsibilities and varying interests are constantly vying for their time.

It’s recommended that teens get at least 1 hour of physical activity on most, preferably all, days of the week. Yet physical activity tends to decline during the teen years. Many teens drop out of organized sports and participation in daily physical education classes is a thing of the past. This is where MJEP’s Tween Fitness takes over.

These sessions will be devoted to teenagers who need a high-energy workout that emphasizes cardiovascular exercise and various modes of resistance training. Each workout will be organized in a circuit format. Fun exercise tools will be introduced for each class, including exercise balls, resistant bands, free-motion cables and medicine balls, to name a few. There will be a group warm-up, cool-down and flexibility exercises.

Highlights of our “TWEEN FITNESS” classes:

  • Time of class: 60 minutes
  • Age group: Boys and girls ages 13-17
  • Price: $200 for 6 sessions
  • Drop in rate: $40 per class

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